What exactly does an MC do?


The Master of Ceremonies will be the person on the day that will ensure all YOUR plans are followed.  An experienced MC will get you the BEST VALUE for all the money you have spent for your wedding day.  The MC should ensure your day 'flows' with no boring or embarassing momnets.  A good MC can be an experienced wedding DJ if they are willing to do the job; YES it is a very important job on the day and will ultimately determine the VALUE you receive from all the hard work you've done for your wedding day.

The Wedding MC ensures the wedding reception runs to schedule and they liaise with the venue staff and troubleshoot anything before it pops up if required. They will plan with you and ensure all details are correct and everything is perfect. If you are having the formalities such as Formal Speeches they will host the entire evening and ensure that all your speakers are prepared. A MC will keep the wedding reception flowing and that it does not run overtime. They will also assist your wedding guests and answer any questions thrown at them.