Tips About Wedding Fairy Light Canopy Hire From Industry Experts


How to hire  Fairy Light Canopy From Industry Experts

So you're thinking of including fairy lights in your Wedding Style Design?

Fairy lights are a fantastic addition to any design and with some creative rigging during installation (staple guns, screws, cable ties, wire, gaff) can be installed pretty much anywhere whether it be your reception or your ceremony both indoor and outdoor. We do recommend a site inspection to ensure rigging points.

Fairy lights are predominately used as an overhead canopy installation to create a feature piece. The design of the fairy light canopy will generally depend on the ceiling if installed inside.

Most commonly a fairy light canopy will have the fairylights running in straight lines or in a zig zag pattern (this gives the best coverage and value for money and more flexible with rigging points). You can fill the whole room with fairy lights or hire fairy lights to be installed over your dance floor or guest tables only depending on what works best with your floorplan and the space.

Fairy lights being a warm soft light will help evoke an emotional response from your guests, the softer lighting will create a romantic/elegant ambience, getting the venue to have the house lights lowered for both your entrance and your first dance is a great way to add to the romance and make the most of your fairy lights, great for photo ops too!

Fairy lights being a feature element can be a signature piece of your styling, this means they don’t need to be part of a grand style plan, you can have them all by themselves with minimal styling in the rest of the room or you can go all out and connect the fairylights with the rest of your style design.

Your fairy lights will suit any style/theme, if you were going with a more classical style with soft florals in pastels or whites and even greenery, we would scallop the fairy lights so they hang lower into the room.


If your style is darker and more edgy we would go with straighter lines that are higher in the ceiling giving it a cleaner more distinct feel.

Ultimately what works best in the space and the ceiling height will be the way to go.

If your feeling really creative and inspired and have a high ceiling (over 6m), a fairy light chandelier might be just the thing…!

How to hire fairy lights for your wedding?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on

Send us details of your event, Date and Venue.

Mention you are after a fairy light canopy installation and whether you would like it to cover the whole space or partial space, if partial space which areas i.e. dance floor or guest tables.

We will take care of the rest.