How to choose the right guest table centrepiece for your Wedding reception→


How to choose the right guest table centrepiece for your Wedding reception→

Selecting the perfect wedding table centrepiece will transform your reception…

The Date is Set! You have booked your wedding venue for your reception. Now it is time to make it look amazing all while not breaking the budget.

If you have been lucky enough to book one of the larger venues they will have centrepiece options that should be included in your package, if it’s free go with it. Just make sure you check the quality of the centrepiece as they are used rather often and due to limited space are stored poorly.

If you do choose to utilise the venue centrepiece you can definitely add to it to make it more luxe or to add your personal style to it i.e florals, tealights, runners, bases…

When it comes to centrepiece hire for your wedding reception the sky pretty much is the limit, well the budget is really. First question to ask yourself is whether or not you want flowers as part of your centrepiece design. Do you want a tall or short centrepiece design for your wedding tables? What shape and size are your guest tables?

If you have round tables it's best to stick to round elements, sometimes you can get away with rectangle vases or square vases if they are on a base (mirror base, timber slice) but generally the only time something square works is if its a floral stand with florals on top.

If you have oval or long rectangle tables have elongated centrepieces, lots of smaller items sprinkled along the table to create a larger visual feature or have multiple larger ones evenly spread down the table and then tie them all together with tealights or floral/decorative elements.

Candlelight always works as part of a centrepiece for your wedding! That is why the candelabra has and always will be the most popular wedding centrepiece solution. Add small floral arrangements and tealight votives and you have the perfect wedding centrepiece for your reception that has your personal style incorporated through your floral selection and with the atmosphere that candlelight brings your reception space will be filled with love and joy.

If you have a luxe high end style incorporate the table setting into your wedding styling. With an amazing centrepiece, luxe cutlery and charger plates will that extra touch that doesn’t go un-noticed.

How to hire a centrepiece for your wedding?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on

Send us details of your event, Date and Venue.

Mention you are after centrepieces and how many centrepieces you need and the shape and size of your tables and we will be in contact.

We will take care of the rest.