How to introduce a Gold theme to your wedding styling that wont look cheap.


How to introduce a Gold theme to your wedding styling that wont look cheap.

A Gold Wedding Theme or style, whichever way you prefer to say it, is and will always be one of the most popular style choices for weddings and events alike.

Gold is a colour that evokes positive emotions in all of us. Gold is a luxurious and loving colour, it is powerful and full of energy like the sun. Gold has the ability to enhance an improve objects around it, it emits a glow that that is reflected by what it is closest to, it will brighten the darkest of rooms whilst keeping the space calm, loving and romantic. Gold is winning, if you come first you get a gold medal…

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A gold wedding theme will last the test of time.

Adding gold into your wedding styling or theme is pretty easy especially when you compare it to other wedding themes or styles, pretty much all venues are suited to having gold styling whether you are working with golds cousin colours yellow and brown tones or contrasting with gold and black, it can be incorporated fairly easy.

Your wedding theme/styling will start all the way at the beginning with your stationary and all the touch points you have with your guests. Whether you are doing an evite or setting up a website for your wedding or the personal touch of hand written invites you can start to include a gold theme rather easily across all these mediums.

TIP! Keep it simple and elegant at the start that way if you change your mind or want to adapt your style it will still work and flow consistently. If we go too outlandish we don’t want to end up having fluro place cards with an understated table setting… We could make it work though.

When it comes to adding your gold theme to the wedding itself, both ceremony and reception, here is a list of elements and items that can be added to your theme/style design that are fairly easy to do and add great impact:

-       Gold Tiffany chairs for your ceremony

-       Gold ceremony arch

-       Gold fabric accents to an existing or timber arbour

-       Spray fresh greenery gold and create a feature on arbour or aisle entrance

-       Gold bar/drinks station

-       Gold ceiling drapes in a crystal organza, organza is better than chiffon for gold, it reflects the light better

-       Gold tablecloths and napkins, gold and burgundy work well, anything with a brown or yellow tone

-       Gold cutlery and/or gold charger plates, use both or combine one with the venues stock item

-       Gold reception chairs or chair covers and or sash

-       Gold bridal backdrop and draping, behind the bridal or around the whole room

-       Gold candelabra with gold tealights, candlelight and gold are perfect together

-       Gold floral stand with fresh florals on top.

-       A gold entrance carpet into the venue

-       Gold up lighting around the room to wash over the walls or pillars

-       A gold wrap on the dancefloor

-       A gold bridal table and cake table, either mirrored or panelled

-       Gold glassware

We have probably missed something. Depending on how much of a gold personality you have is whether you go all out and do it all or just keep to subtle styling additions. That is the positive to choosing a gold theme, it works both understated and luxe.

gold-chair-cover-min gold-florals-min gold-charger-plate-rose-gold-cutlery

How to hire wedding decorations for your gold wedding theme?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your “Likes” moodboard and “Dislikes” moodboard

Send us details of your event, Date, Venue, Start finish time.

We will take care of the rest and send you through a detailed proposal.