Vintage wedding themed styling for your reception and ceremony


Vintage wedding themed styling for your reception and ceremony

What wedding decorations to choose for a vintage themed wedding styling plan?

Choosing the right theme for your wedding can be a difficult decision, so many themes and styles and then once you have your theme where to allocate your budget and what items to choose…

So you have chosen a vintage theme for your wedding reception and ceremony styling?

Great choice! Everyone loves vintage, everyone has a vintage piece of clothing that they love to wear that never goes out of style, “What’s old is always new again.”. A vintage themed wedding will reach all your guests and transport them back in time to which ever decade you choose to focus your vintage styling theme around, be it “Gatsby” Wedding Theme an “Art Deco” Wedding Theme “Vintage 70’s” Wedding Theme . Pick a decade any decade!

Vintage themed wedding reception and ceremony styling like any wedding styling, spending your budget on the most impactful elements first is the best way to go and then just adding smaller features to tie it all together across the elements.

-       Guest Table Centrepieces

-       Table Settings

-       Bridal Table

-       Ceiling Installation

-       Lighting 

-       Ceremony Arbour




The benefits of choosing a vintage theme for your wedding :

-        You can be a bit eclectic and eccentric, it doesn’t all have to match too much, don’t go too eccentric though.

-       You can have your pastel and neutral florals throughout.

-       You can have naked and textured fabrics whether it be as ceiling drapes or as a backdrop behind the bridal or even a custom chair sash creatively draped from the back of your venue chair.

-       You can add a vintage entrance feature or gift table feature with vintage suitcases and other vintage props.

-       You can add a lot of candles.

-       You can have ornate candle holders and frames.

-       You can use anything mustard colour, it is rare you can do that!

-       You can use repurposed timber, either a table or arbour or even a timber slice for the centrepiece.

-       You can go crazy with lace, not too crazy otherwise it will look country, we want more your nans house.

-       You can add personalisation, if you have a vintage piece of furniture or style item that you love around the house or a family heirloom, incorporate it.

Vintage is romance!

modern-vintage-entrance-wedding-signage-tiny centrepiece-cream-birdcage

How to hire vintage themed wedding decorations for your wedding reception or ceremony?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your “Likes” moodboard and “Dislikes” moodboard

Send us details of your event, Date, Venue, Start finish time.

We will take care of the rest.