How to Plan your Wedding simple and stress free…


How to Plan your Wedding

Firstly congratulations on your engagement! Now it’s time to organise your wedding, “oh no” you say, you have heard so many terrible stories about how stressful it is. It doesn’t have to be! We all live on Insta and Pinterest and see thousands of different wedding ideas, so many options to choose from, indoor/outdoor, round tables, long tables, tall centrepiece, short centrepiece, florals, candelabra I could go on.

To keep it very simple when deciding on which wedding idea to go with, initially there is only two ways to start the wedding planning process.

1.     Pick your venue then design a style plan that works with the space

2.     Find your dream look for your wedding then find a venue that will allow us to create your dream.





Simple and stress-free wedding planning for receptions and ceremonies…

Planning and collaborating on your wedding is Fun, Enjoyable and Exciting (we love it!) it can be easy to get carried away especially in the early stages. Most people get caught up and go off and book their venue then check out Insta and Pinterest looking for ideas which is great but keep in mind your venue. Just make sure if you go with option one and book the venue first you look for styling that will suit that type of venue. (If your venue has a low ceiling don’t look at lush hanging ceiling installs)

To keep it super simple and stress free if you pi ck your venue just send us an email with your inspo images and we can scale it to suit your venue

TIP! When looking on INSTA look at images of weddings that have a similar budget to you? You can tell by the volume of flowers, if every table has flowers its luxurious $$$

If you go for option two, you have all your inspo images, your Pinterest board, you should see a trend in the images you have liked, they are all in function centres or they all have long tables, now you just go and find a venue that does that. If you want to go all out select a blank canvas wedding venue, there are a few around Sydney to choose from and that will allow you to create whatever you like in there as it transformable.

Yet again to keep this super simple and stress free just shoot us an email with your inspo images and we can help you find the perfect wedding venue for you to achieve you dream wedding. We can help you navigate around the ones with the ridiculous fees

Plan your wedding now!

Simply send us an enquiry via our or email us on and send us your details.

 Date, Venue, Start and finish times and floorplan if you have it.

We will take care of the rest.