How to have a luxe dream wedding on a budget


How to have a luxe dream wedding on a budget.

Planning your dream luxe wedding doesn’t need to break the budget…

Now we all know weddings can be expensive! Venue hire $50,000, Wedding Dress $15,000, Car Hire $2000, Stationary $1000…. And then you have to make it look like your dream wedding that you have visioned and wanted your whole life. Stressful!



We have all seen those amazingly stunning luxe dream weddings on Instagram…. They look amazing!

With luxe florals hanging low over long banquet tables with full crystal chandeliers glowing, full ceiling and wall drapes, custom white flooring throughout, layered table settings with ceramic textured plates and designer cutlery and crystal glassware, linen flowing with lush florals running the length of the table… I could go on.

We have created events and weddings just like this 1000’s of times. Every detail thought of and styled to ensure your dream luxe wedding is the talk of the town leaving your friends and family inspired and in awe…

We all want the dream wedding, and creating an amazing event for your friends and family to share has never been more important… But does your dream luxe wedding have to cost $100,000…?

How do you have all this, your dream wedding without spending $100,000? Seems impossible… Doesn’t it? NO…

Have a look at all the Instagram photos that you have ever seen where the wedding is Luxe with all the style elements, Dream Wedding Styling…

Can you tell which venue it is set up in?

The floor has been completely covered with custom carpet, the walls completely covered with deluxe wall draping and up-lighting, the ceiling filled with hanging wisteria and chandeliers or draping and fairy lights, the venue round tables are replaced with custom long banquet tables, designer table settings replace the venue stock…. To create the dream wedding you need to replace the whole venue.

The only thing you use of the venue is the front door, bathrooms, carpark and catering (sometimes external caterers are used anyway, kosher) maybe the chairs….

Over the years we have created and produced stunning inspirational events and weddings in all types of venues, halls, warehouses and even in basement car parks… It starts out as a blank shell and you walk out going WOW! You could be anywhere.

We have noticed a pattern… most of the luxe productions are in low costing concept or blank spaces.

Why pay $50,000 to a venue that you are going to completely transform? If it has harbour views or is a destination venue go full steam ahead, as we mentioned in previous blogs we LOVE any event on Sydney Harbour and all our favourite venues are generally close to Sydney Harbour. Thats fair enough.

Why not pick a club or a hall or a concept space depending on your size that allows you to completely transform the space and create exactly what you want….?

The custom flooring, luxe ceiling installation, deluxe wall draping, emotive up lighting, designer tables and table settings… It will look like all those luxe dream weddings on Instagram but it won’t break the budget!

Does it look like your dream wedding? TICK

Does it have a carpark, front entrance and bathrooms? TICK

Does it have catering? TICK (You can also use and external caterer)

Will your friends and family be inspired from sharing in your dream wedding and never want to leave? TICK

Do you have your luxe dream wedding on a budget? TICK




TIP! When choosing your venue, keep in mind the look and elements you want, If you want a luxe ceiling install choose a venue with high enough ceilings and rigging points and bars. (If you want a hanging wisteria floral install 4m high ceiling would be handy)

How to plan your dream luxe wedding decorations for your perfect wedding?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your “Likes” moodboard and “Dislikes” moodboard

Send us details of your event, Date, Venue, Start finish time. The more info the better, but if you need a hand with all the info just let us know.

We will take care of the rest.