Wedding Backdrop Ideas to create an Elegant Bridal Setting

Wedding Backdrop Ideas   The idea to create the perfect wedding backdrop that will create an elegant setting for your bridal table is a great idea. As a result your wedding backdrop will transform any space from marquee to wedding venue, hiding any imperfections or ugly walls or windows that don’t work with your layout…

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Top 5 Christmas Party Trends

Event and party Trends to Help you Plan your celebration Decorative Lighting Cocktail Style Event Environmentally Responsible Events Outdoor Events Ceiling Installs 2021, it’s nearly completely in the rear view mirror and there has never been a better excuse to say goodbye to the year that was than with a Christmas party be it a…

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Is this the year of the Cocktail Theme Party?

Lets have a Cocktail Theme Party   The first ever cocktail theme party can be dated back to 1917 in St Louis it was a lazy Sunday afternoon social event, i dare say it wasn’t a themed party though…. Fast forward to 2020/21 living in a time that we will also go down in history…

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Work Christmas Party Ideas

Ideas to help with the planning of your work Christmas party Who doesn’t love a work Christmas party! What better way to celebrate another successful year and continue to build an amazing work culture than to have a work Christmas party, here are some ideas to get the ball rolling. Lock the mobile phone in…

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2021 Covid Wedding Recovery Roadmap

What a year… We are all nearly there, the light is visible at the end of the tunnel finally! Thank you to everyone for getting vaccinated. The roadmap out for fully vaccinated people is slowly being released and as anticipated we will be following a similar roadmap as per last year but with a few…

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How to drape the ceiling for your Wedding Reception?

Knowing how to create a stunning and inviting wedding reception that not only looks amazing in person and inspires your guests but also creates photo ops and looks great in photos and insta can be tricky. Having a section of drape in your ceiling or drapes around the walls is a great way to create…

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Our Top Ten Websites to Help Planning Your Wedding

Our Top Ten Websites to Help Planning Your Wedding As I’m sure your all aware the Wedding Planning adventure can and generally is a stressful yet exciting experience. We have published some of our favourite websites that can help you along your way, Our Favourite Websites to Help you with your planning. We use them…

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Tips on Planning Your Wedding During Covid 19

Tips on Planning Your Wedding During Covid 19 Is your wedding already fully booked indoors over 100pax during the Covid 19 social gathering restrictions? Do not worry at all! Everything you have booked and paid for will happen just on a different date. From our end we will just change your date in our system…

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What exactly does an MC do?

What exactly does an MC do? The Master of Ceremonies will be the person on the day that will ensure all YOUR plans are followed.  An experienced MC will get you the BEST VALUE for all the money you have spent for your wedding day.  The MC should ensure your day ‘flows’ with no boring or…

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