Wedding Alcohol Calculator

Wedding Alcohol Calculator

How much alcohol will I need?

Is this question weighing on your mind, are you unsure which drinks package to go with?

With having an open bar generally adding 10 to 20% of the Wedding budget… We have found the following guide for how much beer, wine and spirits to have at your reception a good starting point to ensure your budget is not blown whilst ensuring everyone has an amazing time.

The general rule of thumb is to allow for 1 drink per hour per guest be it beer, wine or spirits.

For Example:

25 guests = 17 Beers, 4 Bottles of Wine and 1 Bottle of Spirits

 50 guests = 34 Beers, 7 Bottles of Wine and 2 Bottles of Spirits

 100 guests = 67 Beers, 14 Bottles of Wine and 4 Bottles of Spirits

 The average bottle of wine contains 5 glasses with a bottle of spirits making 18 standard drinks.