Is this the year of the Cocktail Theme Party?

Lets have a Cocktail Theme Party


The first ever cocktail theme party can be dated back to 1917 in St Louis it was a lazy Sunday afternoon social event, i dare say it wasn’t a themed party though….

Fast forward to 2020/21 living in a time that we will also go down in history and we will remember forever as being the time when we had to sit down to consume food and drinks, i dare say a Cocktail style event would be a very rare occasion of the past 18months, we now have the term vertical consumption.

It is the simple pleasures in life, Who knew we would miss standing up and consuming. Lets Vertically Consume in Style and Have a Party...


Top 5 Cocktail Party Theme Ideas


  1. 1920’s  (Think prohibition, Baxters Inn)
  2. Casino Royale Cocktail Event (Who doesn't love a Casino night)
  3. Simple and Elegant  Cocktail Party (Golds and Black most common, maybe a pop of colour)
  4. Starry Night (Fairy Light Ceiling Install Floating above)
  5. Studio 54 Cocktail Party ( DJ, disco lighting)


For every cocktail  party there are a few decorative hire items that are staples, one of the benefits to a cocktail party is that no  matter the theme idea that you have it doesn’t require a great deal of hire items to create an amazing space, a space full of people does most of the work. 


Cocktail Party Staples

All you need to get your party started and looking amazing is:

  1.  an actual bar
  2. some bar tables and some stools
  3. Glassware
  4.  then just add food and beverage
  5. , some lighting 
  6. and finally entertainment and you are all set.

All these 5 items can be customised to meet your style whilst working in with your budget requirements. 


How to make your themed cocktail party a reality?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your details.

 Date, Venue, Start and finish times and exact location if you have it.

We will take care of the rest.


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