Covid 19 Wedding and Event Bookings


Covid 19 Wedding and Event Bookings

Obviously we are in unique circumstances at this time....

Since the PM's announcement yesterday to cancel all social gatherings over 100 we things have been rather interesting.

I have seen the reporting by dramatising the current situation for brides and couples with upcoming weddings and events stating that they are cancelling weddings and events, THIS IS NOT THE CASE, they are postponing.

I will admit the situation is not ideal having to change your wedding. We had multiple weddings and corporate functions this weekend, they have postponed til later this year October, November, December or next year with the same venue at no extra charge, they actually get a peak season wedding at non peak prices.

In a nutshell, everyone that has a confirmed booking doesn't have a problem as everything will be how they dreamed just on a different date.

The problem is going to be for the couples that are partially booked or not booked at all and want to get married from October to March, as all bookings are being repositioned to these times around existing bookings availabilities become limited especially at short notice.

So we don't see panic buying in October for wedding hire like the toilet paper atm, people need to be communicated to to calmly start booking in the elements of their wedding across the different suppliers. I suggest all businesses like us at Wedding Styling Sydney take deposit payments to secure bookings whilst still having the flexibility to change the date should the situation change. This is a double edged sword, it will ease customer stress and also help keep a much needed industry going and keep people in jobs.

We survived the GFC and the Swine Flu but our smaller suppliers will need the cash flow.