Marquee Fairy Lights


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Illuminate your wedding or event with our enchanting marquee fairy lights, available for hire. Expertly installed using  rigging points, these lights elegantly trace the roofline to create a stunning gazebo-style effect. With customisable light volumes, we can tailor the ambiance to suit almost any budget, ensuring a magical and memorable atmosphere for your special occasion.

When you send in your enquiry for Marquee Fairy Lights please include:

  • Dimensions of marquee you want the lights installed in.
  • How full of fairy lights you would like your marquee.
  • A photo of the marquee the fairy lights are going in, not all marquees are the same structure.
  • If its not a permanent install, When the marquee will be installed and when it will removed.
  • And of course your event date and location of the marquee.

Add marquee ceiling drapes for the complete luxe look and transform your ceiling.

Pricing shown is for 60cm spacing for a marquee 21 m long x 12m wide


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