Victorian Ghost Chair


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H=90cm , 47cm to Seat, W= 39cm D=46cm

Designed to captivate with its transparent acrylic frame, the Victorian Ghost Chair adds a touch of mystique to your event decor, seamlessly blending into any theme or setting. Its translucent nature creates an illusion of floating, making it a captivating focal point for both indoor and outdoor venues.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Victorian Ghost Chair offers comfort and functionality. With a sturdy yet lightweight construction, it provides ample seating without overwhelming the space. Whether used as standalone pieces or paired with ornate cushions and accents, these chairs effortlessly enhance the visual appeal of your event while ensuring the comfort of your guests.

Perfect for weddings, galas, corporate events, and more, the Victorian Ghost Chair adds a timeless allure to any setting. Whether you’re channeling a vintage-inspired affair or a contemporary celebration, these chairs serve as versatile and elegant seating options.

Make a statement at your next event with the Victorian Ghost Chair – where Victorian charm meets modern sophistication, creating an ambiance that lingers in the memories of your guests long after the occasion has ended.


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