The best engagement party ideas and how to choose them.


What are some great ideas for your engagement party

Congratulations on your engagement!  Let the organising begin! It all begins with a proposal and then an engagement announcement but the first of the events in the journey for your wedding to organise is your engagement party.  Your Engagement Party is your first chance to celebrate your amazing news with your extended family and friends.

Generally your guests at your engagement party will be along for the journey through your whole wedding extravaganza so having consistency in your style choices can be of some benefit, although eclectic styling does work and styling to suit the space is a must.



Any engagement party idea is a great idea, or is it?

Struggling for ideas for your engagement party?  If you have no ideas at all for your engagement party, don’t worry you are not alone.

 If you have a book full of engagement ideas, that is great work, feel free to share your engagement ideas.

Let’s come up with some ideas for your engagement party in 4 easy steps. WhatWhereWho and Why.

If we start with these 4 basic step’s we can organise your engagement party relatively stress free, then we can pimp up your engagement party theme with styling.


What type of engagement party do I want and What is your budget?

These are the most common types of engagement party, if we start with a general type of engagement party it is easier to add all the finer touches through your styling and decorations.

TIP!  Have your budget for your whole engagement party organised. Try to get a venue package, its easy to go over budget early with an expensive venue and you have a limited budget to make it look good. (any venue can be made to look good)

-       an indoor or outdoor engagement party setting.

-       a sit-down intimate dining experience.

-       a more social free-flowing cocktail engagement party.

-       an active experienced-based engagement party, think Sunday arvo lawn bowls, yard games or glamping, nothing too energetic

Now that we know What type of engagement you want it is time for Where to have your engagement party.

Where can we host your engagement party that suits they type of party you want?

Where to host your engagement party is full of countless options for each type or style of engagement party.  Sydney has a long list of amazing outdoor locations, just about every open space along Sydney Harbour is available to book for an engagement party, from Watsons Bay all the way up Parramatta River to Parramatta Park or even a mountain location.

For every outdoor location there are at least 2 indoor locations if you are after an afternoon High Tea in the Mountains check out Hydro Majestic  or an amazing lunch try Deckhouse

Engagement Party Venues

You could also do this in reverse, find Where first then What.

TIP! If you are going for an outdoor location it’s a good idea to have a wet weather plan either an alternate indoor location and have a set time to make the call on the weather and have your guest contact details set up in a group chat or group email so they can be notified quick and easy of any changes.


Who do you invite to your engagement party?

Look simple on paper but it can be difficult but since you have your What and Where organised your guest numbers will be limited to your venue or style of engagement party. Obviously close family and friends and surrogate family members and those friends that are always fun and get on with everyone. Don’t worry if you can’t include everyone you can include them in another wedding event, any female friends you can include at your bridal shower.  You can look at your guest list as a whole across all your wedding events. If you are super organised you could put all your events into a spreadsheet and have it organised so everyone attends a specific number of events. That’s probably too OCD.


To have fun and celebrate! If COVID has taught us anything it has taught us that life is way too short not too have fun and have amazing experiences with the people we love and hold most dear. Let’s have an amazing experience of celebration.

How to make your engagement party idea a reality?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your details.

 Date, Venue, Start and finish times and floorplan if you have it.

We will take care of the rest.