How to drape the ceiling for your Wedding Reception?


Knowing how to create a stunning and inviting wedding reception that not only looks amazing in person and inspires your guests but also creates photo ops and looks great in photos and insta can be tricky. Having a section of drape in your ceiling or drapes around the walls is a great way to create an impactful feature instantly that will transform your space and create photo ops throughout your wedding reception.

How to use Drapes in The Ceiling.

If you have decided to add ceiling drapes to your styling plan for your wedding reception, firstly great choice, but to keep it simple there is pretty much two options of how to use drapes in your ceiling.

  1. Vertical Ceiling Drapes
  2. Flat Ceiling Drapes

With both styles of ceiling drapes you have the luxury of having almost any colour, we use the highest quality chiffon available so it is soft and flowing and the lines in the gather are consistent.

How to use Vertical Ceiling Drapes for your wedding reception

Vertical Ceiling Drapes have a lot more flexibility as to which venues they can be installed in as they only require single anchor points, we have been creative with air conditioning vents and the like over the years to get them installed. Quite a bit of “How to” goes into creating improvised anchor points.

The vertical ceiling drape, when installed for your wedding reception in a standard sized wedding venue, 9 times out of 10, we would install over your dance floor with all arms of the ceiling drape installation starting at a singular point above or behind the middle of your bridal table and fanning out. Doing it this way makes your bridal table the natural focal point of the space, encompasses the whole room, looks great upon entrance and is awesome for first dance photos and during speeches.

One thing to keep in mind with using vertical drapes for your wedding reception is that because the fabric hangs vertically they look at their best viewing side on, that is why we recommend to install your vertical ceiling drapes in a fan or you could to a X as these styles of installation able the ceiling drapes to be view from any angle within the wedding venue which makes the ceiling look more full. “ If you run them in straight parallel lines they will only look their best from two sides of the room” Not to say this can't be done, we have definitely installed ceiling drapes in parallel lines for a wedding reception before. Totally your choice.

Vertical Ceiling Drapes


How to use Flat Ceiling Drapes for your wedding reception.

Flat ceiling drapes when installed for your wedding reception require a little more rigging than the vertical, same again we do get creative and create anchor points with wire etc bet we need solid points to create the ideal flow of the fabric. As soon as you hang anything in the ceiling millimetres matter, 2mm or 3mm at the anchor point turns into 5cm or 6cm in the middle of the drape. Im sure there is sort of scientific theory to explain….

Flat ceiling drapes are great for covering a larger area as you are utilising the full width of the fabric in the ceiling. If you had a Marquee and you wanted to cover the ceiling you would do a flat style of ceiling drape. 

The flat ceiling drape is ideal for having in parallel lines and depending on the ceiling anchor points you could get creative with the droop in the fabric, you could have them swoop down lower into the room and at alternating heights as an option. Depending on the wedding venue you have chosen, flat style is great if you have a ceiling with a high ceiling, when i say high ceiling, for a wedding venue that is 5m plus. Because the ceiling drapes are further away, higher in the ceiling having the width of the fabric facing down in the flat style of ceiling drape will catch the eye better and be at its best view.

Flat style ceiling drapes, like the vertical ceiling drapes, can  also be installed in a fan style from a singular point, either half a room room or in a full circle fanning out over the whole venue. However when the ceiling drapes brought to a singular point they fabric needs to be gathered at one end which will create a textured look throughout your ceiling drapes with the fabric getting to almost full width at the farthest end.

Flat Ceiling Drapes


How to make your drapery design a reality?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your details.

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