Outdoor Wedding Ceremony


Outdoor Wedding Ceremony | Ideas and solutions…

Once you have made the most of the joy and excitement of your engagement you need to start organising your wedding. Where to have you wedding ceremony…? 90% of all wedding ceremonies are held either in a church or outdoors. With 70% of weddings being held during the warmer months, October through to March, and the current world predicament, it is easy to see why an outdoor wedding ceremony is so popular. Whether it be a beach wedding, garden ceremony or bush gathering you can’t go wrong as Sydney is definitely not devout of options. Have we mentioned we do love setting up anything by Sydney Harbour…

What to include for your outdoor Wedding Ceremony.

One of the main features of having your wedding ceremony at an outdoor venue is that you don’t have to overdo the styling, you don’t want to take away from the beautiful location you have selected, you just want to add to it without distracting from the scenery.

Here is a list of the main elements for your outdoor wedding ceremony:

-       Arbour

-       Seating

-       Aisle

-       Signage Table

-       Signage

-       Flowers

-       Drinks Station

You don’t have to have all the elements at your outdoor ceremony.

ARBOUR - It you have an outdoor ceremony venue that has an amazing backdrop consider not having an arbour (you don’t want to block the view)

SEATING – When calculating your seating we recommend not having seating for everyone, most people prefer to stand at the back even when there is vacant seating.

AISLE – Try to have an aisle that is longer than the area allocated for your seating (if you have 4 rows of chairs ensure the aisle is a bit longer to create a nice flow and scale)

SIGNAGE TABLE – We always try to align the signage table with a feature from the outdoor ceremony surrounds, good photo opportunity.

SIGNAGE – Your welcome sign, generally one of the last things thought of, try to get the same person that does your invitations to do your welcome sign, that way you have consistency across all your wedding stationary, if not just go with neutral styling.

DRINKS STATION – The drinks station is an undervalued element when it comes to outdoor ceremonies. Without a drink station your guests will generally leave and find a watering hole, having one at your outdoor ceremony in your drinks station will keep your guests entertained and mingling creating the perfect atmosphere while you have your photos… Who doesn’t like having a drink at an outdoor event.


Always have a back-up plan in case of bad weather, generally the reception venue can assist her if close by, and have a person dedicated to make the call on the day. If you plan for it, it won’t happen…

How to make your outdoor ceremony a reality?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website www.weddingstylingsydney.com.au/contact or email us on sales@weddingstylingsydney.com.au and send us your details.

 Date, Venue, Start and finish times and exact location if you have it.

We will take care of the rest.