How to drape the ceiling for your Wedding Reception?

Knowing how to create a stunning and inviting wedding reception that not only looks amazing in person and inspires your guests but also creates photo ops and looks great in photos and insta can be tricky. Having a section of drape in your ceiling or drapes around the walls is a great way to create…

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Outdoor Wedding Ceremony

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony | Ideas and solutions… Once you have made the most of the joy and excitement of your engagement you need to start organising your wedding. Where to have you wedding ceremony…? 90% of all wedding ceremonies are held either in a church or outdoors. With 70% of weddings being held during the…

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Wedding Decoration Design Ideas

Wedding Decoration Design Ideas A guide to the key design elements for your wedding decorations ideas… What a year to be planning, designing and producing a wedding! There has never been a more important time to bring your family and friends together and design and style a happy and inspiring showcase. Congratulations!Decoration ideas for your…

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The Top Ten benefits for choosing a classical wedding theme for your wedding

The Top Ten benefits for choosing a classical wedding theme for your wedding A Classical Wedding Theme for your ceremony and/or reception is a great choice! I must start by saying…  I LOVE a classical wedding theme! You cant go wrong with a classical themed wedding… Here are the benefits of a classical themed wedding. 1.      everybody…

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Hints and Tips for choosing the perfect Wedding Theme→

How to choose your perfect Wedding Theme→ So your having trouble choosing your Wedding Theme? Choosing a theme for your wedding can be a difficult decision, so many themes and styles… Whats wedding theme is hot at the moment? What wedding style is on trend? One wedding blog will say “Bold colours are the newest…

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