Wedding Backdrop Ideas to create an Elegant Bridal Setting

Wedding Backdrop Ideas


The idea to create the perfect wedding backdrop that will create an elegant setting for your bridal table is a great idea. As a result your wedding backdrop will transform any space from marquee to wedding venue, hiding any imperfections or ugly walls or windows that don't work with your layout or style whilst creating the perfect frame for photo ops of  you and your new partner. 

To put it simply there are two main backdrop types that will completely transform any space. Obviously you can get as creative as you like but these are the two m ain styles that will change a space most effectively.

  1. Draped Wedding Backdrop

A draped wedding backdrop is the most common way to create your wedding backdrop to suit any space and can be installed in almost any size or design using free-standing rigging to ensure nothing is attached to the venue and is safely installed and works well with the venue table bridal table included in your venue package.

  1. Constructed Wall Wedding Backdrop

A constructed wall wedding backdrop is a great idea when wanting a more luxe look giving it a custom finish that will tie in with your bridal table design.


Backdrop Ideas for your Wedding

Deluxe Double Layer Wedding Backdrop


Modern Layered Wedding Backdrop


White Gloss Wedding Backdrop Wall


White Wainscot Wedding Backdrop Wall


Contemporary Wainscot Wedding Backdrop Wall


What size wedding backdrop do you need?

When selecting the size of your wedding backdrop to suit your lay out the general rule of thumb is to have the backdrop slightly wider than your bridal table on each side.

Having your wedding backdrop wider than your main table  and or dance floor will help frame the table especially in photos and still be behind the shot when looking from an angle, generally we do 60cm to 100cm wider on either end, anymore than that and the scale is off and it looks weird. 

How to make your wedding backdrop a reality?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your details.

 Date, Venue/Room, Bump In and Bump Out times and exact location if you have it.

We will take care of the rest.