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Wedding Decoration Design Ideas


Wedding Decoration Design Ideas

A guide to the key design elements for your wedding decorations ideas…

What a year to be planning, designing and producing a wedding! There has never been a more important time to bring your family and friends together and design and style a happy and inspiring showcase. Congratulations!Decoration ideas for your wedding…. Like anything simple always works but simple doesn’t mean you cant be luxe. When we think high end design whether it be a Luxury motor vehicle, a designer dress or anything Apple they are all simple, efficient but luxe and high end all at the same time.

How do we bring these design features to your wedding decoration?

We have touched on this in previous blog posts, pick key design elements of your wedding decorations to focus your style on and showcase them then think of the space as a whole 3 dimensional space not just linear. E.g. If your hanging a luxe ceiling install having a tall centrepiece will shrink the room, if you have a large venue with 10 plus guest tables having centrepieces the same height throughout will create a negative space, alternate size and style, floral, non floral. Not only will this create positivity in the space vertically but give the room depth with your layout, especially on entrance.TIP! Create a design that works with your venue, site visits and mock ups are perfect for visualising.

If you fill your space with the right design elements that compliment each other you have a style that flows and Inspires throughout.We want the design and style of your wedding decorations to touch each and every one of your guests. Firstly with impact through what we call INSPIRE installs, a ceiling install or an entrance feature or by simply creating an entrance reveal to build anticipation, as soon as your guests see it they are speechless and excited and inspired. We then continually and subtly throughout the journey of the evening with all the small finer details, the cutlery or napkin choice the matching florals and candle holders in the bathrooms continue to touch your guests with your styleTo put it in one sentence. Pick two or three key elements of your wedding decorations to focus on then just add the finer details to tie it all together across the space.

How to plan your wedding decoration ideas?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your “Likes” moodboard and “Dislikes” moodboard

Send us details of your event, Date, Venue, Start finish time. The more info the better, but if you need a hand with all the info just let us know.

We will take care of the rest.