Wedding Design Style Elements


Wedding Design Style Elements


A list of the key elements for your wedding decorations…

When designing and styling and ultimately Inspiring with your wedding it can be hard to know where to start.

We have compiled this rough list to identify the main elements to focus your wedding budget on when designing your wedding style. Note we have not gone into too much detail for each element, imagination is the limit with creation of each element.

If you want the wedding of the year or decade or even century pick them all and do them well, if you want to have an awesome wedding pick two or three.





Arch style, Screen Style, Fabric, Timber, Metal, Nothing at All


Benches, Chairs, Floor Cushions…


Carpet Runner, Floral runner


Fresh or Artificial, Arbour arrangement, Forward facing entrance or Altar arrangement, Pew Ends, Bridal Flowers, Throwing petals, Aisle



Signage and Decorations




Drapery, Signage, Floral Feature, Custom Install, Decorative Lighting, Pyrotechnics, Smoke Machine





Decorative Lighting, Floral Install, Drapery, Custom


High Gloss, Decals, Lighting, Smoke Machine, Pyrotechnics


Bridal Table

Acrylic, Mirror, Industrial, Timber, Draped, Overhead Install, Florals


Cake Table

Always match to the bridal table,

Guest Table

Centrepiece (Candelabra or Floral), Table setting (Plates, cutlery, glassware) Linen, Seating

How to book your design elements for your wedding decorations?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website or email us on and send us your “Likes” moodboard and “Dislikes” moodboard

Send us details of your event, Date, Venue, Start finish time. The more info the better, but if you need a hand with all the info just let us know.

We will take care of the rest.