Wedding Reception Head Tables that create the perfect sitting for The Bride and Groom


Wedding Reception Head Tables that create the perfect sitting for The Bride and Groom

Creating the perfect wedding reception that not only looks amazing in person but also looks sensational on instagram or in photos can be a challenge let alone without breaking the budget. Think big, think feature…. Whether it's a wedding party table, a bride and groom sitting (sweetheart table) or a head table at your wedding reception, selecting the right solution that not only suits your style and works in your selected space but is on trend and impactful will create the perfect feature.

Your wedding party/head table will also become the backdrop for most of your photos through out the night, your first dance will have your bridal party table in the background, any room shots will have the head table in the background and most of all you will be seated there for most of the night happily married in front of all your loved ones so creating the perfect frame is key

White Gloss Acrylic Head Table with matching Cake Table and Stage Facade paired with a Deluxe Backdrop


How create your Wedding Reception Head Table.

When Creating the perfect sitting for the bride and groom we always recommend creating something that works with the space you have chosen. Create a feature that hides the less desirable aspects of your space and enhances the highlights. If you have an ugly wall cover it with a deluxe draped fabric backdrop, if you have an amazing view behind you don't cover it and have only minimal low lying on the head table.

There are pretty much two ways to create your wedding reception head table.

  1. Use the venue existing table and add and enhance it to suit.

  2. Hire a feature table.

Both options look great and have their own benefits when creating the perfect sitting for your wedding party.

Option 1. The venue’s table, initially more cost effective, is generally a more classical style when the table is skirted with a gathered fabric but the head table design can be made more modern and contemporary with a flat fabric skirt easily enough. This option can require further styling compared to option 2. Depending on the look you are after.

Option 2. Hire a feature table, you would of seen this wedding head table option all over instagram with high gloss acrylic head tables being all the rage at the minute/year…  white gloss, black gloss, gold mirrored and they are generally paired with a matching gloss dance floor

How to make your outdoor ceremony a reality?

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