How to Find the Perfect Dance Floor Size for Your Wedding Reception 

Your bridal party entrance is one of the most exciting moments of your wedding day.

Your wedding reception is a celebration of love, joy, and the start of a beautiful journey with your partner. Among the many decisions you'll make for this special day, choosing the right size dance floor is crucial. It's where cherished memories will be made as you dance the night away with your loved ones and of course where that instagram moment and photo is located. However, determining the ideal dance floor size can be challenging. Fear not! This guide will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring that your dance floor is the perfect size for your wedding reception.

Assess Your Wedding Venue for Dance floor placement

Begin by assessing the layout of your venue. Take note of the available space designated for dancing. Consider any obstructions such as pillars, tables, or bars that may impact the dance floor area. Additionally, factor in space for other essential elements like the DJ booth, seating, and buffet tables. This initial evaluation will provide a clear understanding of the maximum dimensions your dance floor can occupy.

Estimate How many guests you will have at your wedding reception

Next, estimate the number of guests attending your wedding reception. While it's impossible to predict the exact number, having a rough estimate will help determine the size of the dance floor needed. As a general rule of thumb, allocate at least 1 to 1.2 square meters of dance floor space per guest that will be dancing on your dance floor. Keep in mind that not all guests will dance and generally won't dance at the same time, 30% rule applies here. If you had 300 guests there are not many wedding venues in sydney that could accommodate a 300 square metre dance floor and it definitely would not be budget friendly, so if you allow for 30% of guests to dance at a single time, the dance floor can be ⅓ the size and price.

What Dance Floor Shapes can you fit?

Dance floors come in various shapes, including square, rectangular, and round. The shape you choose will depend on your personal preference and the layout of your venue. Rectangular dance floors are versatile and fit well in long, narrow spaces, while square and round options are great for maximizing floor space in larger venues ( Think ICC). Keep in mind that irregularly shaped dance floors can add visual interest but may require extra planning to ensure optimal flow.

The type of  Dance Styles and Activities can help decide what size dance floor you need

Consider the type of dancing and activities planned for your reception. If you anticipate high-energy dancing or choreographed routines, you'll need a larger dance floor to accommodate movement and footwork. Additionally, factor in space for special moments like the first dance, father-daughter dance, and bouquet toss. Having ample room around the dance floor ensures that these moments are memorable and free from congestion.

Consult with Your Venue and Rental Provider for the best size dance floor

Once you've determined your ideal dance floor size, consult with your venue coordinator and rental provider. They can offer valuable insights and recommendations based on their experience with similar events. Provide them with your guest count, layout preferences, and any specific requirements to ensure seamless coordination and setup on the day of your wedding.

Visualize and Plan Layout of your wedding dance floor size

Use floor plans or online tools to visualize the layout of your reception space, including the placement of the dance floor, seating arrangements, bridal table size and other key elements. This allows you to fine-tune the dimensions and ensure that the dance floor seamlessly integrates with the overall design aesthetic of your wedding and you don't create negative space around your dance floor and bridal table



Choosing the best size dance floor for your wedding reception is a crucial aspect of event planning. By carefully assessing your venue, estimating guest count, considering dance styles and activities, and consulting with experts, you can ensure that your dance floor is the perfect size for creating unforgettable moments with your loved ones. 

How to Book on Your Dance floor?

Fill in a contact for on our website, include all the basics, event date, venue and exact room in venue and if you let us know how many people will be on your bridal table we can use that to create the ideal size to suit your bridal table and venue, we can scale up from there if need be.