Work Christmas Party Ideas

Ideas to help with the planning of your work Christmas party

Who doesn't love a work Christmas party! What better way to celebrate another successful year and continue to build an amazing work culture than to have a work Christmas party, here are some ideas to get the ball rolling.

Lock the mobile phone in the draw and enjoy a social environment with your work family.

Picking the best idea for your work Christmas party that suits your company brand and highlights your workplace culture can be tricky, soooo many options and possibilities….

First question you have to ask yourself when deciding on your work Christmas party is whether you want to hold your Christmas party in your work office / warehouse or externally at a venue.

Once you have decided on the location for your work Christmas party its best to figure out what time of day you want your party to start, obviously everyone will want to start the party during work hours and have a lunch function or afternoon high tea but depending on your industry, if its a busy time of year, you may need to start at the conclusion of the work day, in which case a dinner or cocktail party would work perfectly.

Once you have the time of the Christmas party decided, the type of event just falls into place naturally and then the catering follows suit. Although depending on the demographic of your workplace choose a style of party that suits the appetites of your workplace. Nobody likes trying to eat a proper meal at a cocktail table.

Now we decide whether we need entertainment, whether it be a DJ or musician/band or pretty much most workplaces has someone that can put together the ultimate party mix on Spotify 


When choosing your type of work Christmas party, consider your workplace demographics, you may have colleagues that require chair/lounge seating rather than a stool.

7 Work Christmas Party Ideas to get you started

All of these Work Christmas party ideas below can be hosted at either a venue of your choice or at your office or workplace.

  • High Tea
  • Long Lunch 
  • Catered Cocktail Party
  • Luxury Private Dining Experience
  • Entertainment Cocktail Party, Lunch Or Dinner (DJ, Band)
  • Themed Dinner
  • Themed Cocktail Party


High Tea Work Christmas Party

Having a high tea for your work Christmas party is the perfect solution for those who wish to sit back and relax and enjoy elegant sweets and savoury finger foods with or without tea and coffee. You can either have this catered for in your workplace or at a venue that caters specifically for high tea (QVB Tea Rooms). If you are having your High Tea at your workplace all you need is long or round tables, some nice chairs to suit, deluxe crisp linen, tea sets, glassware and cutlery.


Long Lunch Work Christmas Party

This one is pretty simple and everyone's favourite, finish work early, have a nice social lunch with a few drinks… before you know it the sun is setting…

Catered Cocktail Work Christmas Party

In a nutshell there are two ways to have a catered work cocktail party for Christmas. 1. Full catering, real food that requires sitting down to eat, in this case you could have zones with a mix of furniture choices between a banquet table for eating and then cocktail furniture for mingling and drinks. A perfect cocktail venue is 12 - Micron 


2. Canape style food in which case having cocktail style furniture would be more than enough with potentially a lounge area.


Luxury Private Dining Experience

Simple, Elegant, Stylish, Intimate, Sophisticated … A Private dining experience is the perfect solution for a work Christmas party for smaller teams. Long banquet tables, amazing table settings with stunning centrepieces. If held at night just add candle light or decorative lighting overhead to create the ultimate dining experience. 


Entertainment Cocktail Style Work Christmas Party

Cocktail Party, Just add Entertainment, what you choose for the entertainment will probably depend on how well the year has been and whether you have budget for entertainment. DJ/Band or "Steve" from accounting with his awesome party playlist…

Themed Dinner

Depending on the size of your team you can either go long banquet style tables or rounds then just add your theme of choice and style all the elements so they work towards your style and highlight the venue. Tell everyone the theme and get them to dress and style themselves accordingly, we all love dressing up! 

Themed Cocktail Party

Another favourite… Pick your theme and just add drinks and a cocktail setting. A bar with a mixologist is a great way to add a bit of fun and entertainment to a fun theme cocktail party.


How to make your work Christmas party a reality?

Simply send us an enquiry via our website here or email us on and send us your details.

 Date, Venue, Start and finish times and exact location if you have it.

We will take care of the rest.